Friday, February 1, 2013

Papercraft / bouwplaat Watersnoodramp 1953 Scandinavian emergency housing!

The "Watersnoodramp" (North Sea flood) on the night of January 31 and morning of February 1 in 1953 was the worst natural disaster ever to struck the Netherlands...

An extraordinary high storm tide overwhelmed the Dutch sea defences at the time and large parts of the south-west of the country were flooded, destroying many homes and costing many lives...

Afterwards, to avoid such a tragedy from ever happening again, a series of plans were developed for a much better, modern system of coastal protection, called the "Deltawerken" (the Delta Works) that still protects the low-countries today.

But for the people that lived in the stricken areas, disaster relief was a first priority of course, and indeed from many countries came help, like emergency housing accomodation  provided by the Scandinavian Red Cross and shipped here as kits to be quickly built on site.

Download + build your own papercraft Watersnoodramp 1953 Scandinavian emergency housing (by Waterschap Hollandse Delta):

(click the "Bouwplaat Noorse woning, A3 formaat (1340 kB) (pdf)" link)

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